Nabeel Qureshi – Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Audiobook

Nabeel Qureshi – Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Audiobook (A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity Audiobook)

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus - A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity Audio Book Free
Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus Audiobook Download

If after reading this book, you are considering which Muslims you can provide this publication to, you have actually missed out on a key point. Nabeel would certainly never have actually trusted his pal David had he not been certain in understanding that David absolutely looked after him. What an eye as well as heart opening book for a self-described apologist that often tends toward arguing people into the kingdom of God and has more of an Islamic adversary way of thinking … that is until devouring this book in record time. I have a much more thoughtful heart to the shed condition of Muslims and just how to hopefully engage with an honest heart knowing what they are captive also.
Christians require to be more informed regarding their belief as well as deeply serious concerning it, given that the typical Muslim is extra more so than a lot of Christians. It is their very identity. Seeking Allah, Finding JesusĀ Audiobook Free. Is our identification truly in Christ? This book will certainly challenge you as it has me in mind, heart, as well as Spirit. Up until simply lately, I had actually never ever come across Nabeel. The Web was blowing up with postings and also as a result of his relate to RZIM I needed to know more regarding him. So thrilled that I got to know him through his powerful testimony and also the incredible social sacrifices that he made in involving the Lord Jesus.
I questioned thus lots of why he was taken so young and this verse entered your mind as a legitimate reason.
Jn12:24 “Really, absolutely, I claim to you, unless a grain of wheat falls under the earth as well as dies, it continues to be alone; yet if it dies, it bears much fruit.”
Nabeel’s life and tradition is now spreading swiftly as well as hopefully educating many Muslims and Christians alike. Thank you dear Bro currently absent from the body and existing with the Lord.Nabeel Qureshi open up to us the beauty of a sincere Muslim family members, their entire lives bought by their confidence and their practices. Their love for Allah as well as for one another is palpable in the pages of this book. It is a lovely picture as well as one I am grateful to Nabeel for sharing.

Then Nabeel takes us step by step with his search for truth; a search he starts with total confidence that he will certainly validate the claims of Islam. For myself, I was experiencing the search I had actually sought forty 5 years earlier, when my welcome of existentialism had actually left me so vacant and also pointless that I had to reevaluate the claims of Christ, simply in case they may be true. I located myself anticipating each following step in Nabeel’s intellectual trip, as each essential aspect of the truth of Christianity was substantiated by his examinations. I understood beforehand what he would locate as well as what he would certainly end, since I had actually walked the same course and also got to the exact same verdict: the cases of Christ are confirmed by background, science, and reason, if you approach them fairly, looking for to recognize the reality, instead of seeking to confirm your already-held beliefs.

However I likewise understood the feeling Nabeel shared at the end of his intellectual trip. A sensible final thought still leaves a disappointed heart. To conclude that history sports the insurance claims of Christ is not the exact same thing as knowing Christ as Savior and also Lord. And just like Nabeel, I asked God for a supernatural confirmation of my intellectual final thoughts. As well as just like He had actually done for Nabeel, God condescended to grant my desire by particularly responding to prayer requests that only God himself might offer. I even experienced somewhat Nabeel’s family members problems, though for me it was my mom’s amazement and bitter frustration with my option after university of seminary instead of medical school.This is an entirely lovely tale of a devout Muslim’s search to recognize Allah and also his astonished exploration of Jesus. Nabeel Qureshi – A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity Audio Book Download. As I read Nabeel’s summary of his happiness and also alleviation as the elegance of Christ as well as Christ’s love for him swamped his soul, my very own eyes were full of the same tears of pleasure as well as awe.

Read this publication! And as you read it, may God grant you the happiness of understanding Him and His salvation.I began reading this biography with very little expertise concerning Muslim personalizeds and also beliefs, however Nabeel Qureshi provides us a special windows into his early life, being elevated in a passionate Muslim house. He gives us definitions and also explanations along the way as he explains, thoroughly, the importance behind the expressions of their belief. Qureshi mentions the resemblances between Islam as well as Christianity, but a lot more significantly he states on the distinctions– how the western world thinks in a different way from middle-easterners in the extremely core of their beliefs.